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You will learn everything from zero to Controling the SEA-DOO and making it move with our experienced crew starting from Senibong Cove, photos and videos will be taken by our crew for you throughout the process.

SEA-DOO JetSki self-driving experience (12 kilometers in total), starting from Senibong Cove to Stulang Beach. Under the guidance of our professional instructors, learn to control the SEA-DOO JetSki for self-driving learning including we will take photos and videos for you for free throughout the process.

SEA-DOO JetSki 自驾体验 (全程12公里), 从 Senibong Cove出发, 前往Stulang海滩。在我们专业教练的指导下, 学习控制SEA-DOO JetSki进行自驾学习。包括我们会在整个过程中免费为您拍摄照片和视频。


  • Brief before riding for SEA-DOO basic knowledge
  • Booking one day before
  • Ride with Crew SSJB.
  • Photo around Senibong Cove
  • Duration: 30 minutes

Initial Experience Trip

Initial Experience Trip (Single)

Experience the thrill of solo jet ski riding

RM 250.00

Initial Experience Trip (Double)

Enjoy the fun of two person jet ski riding

RM 350.00